3R Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana

About Us
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elizabeth balzer portrait photo Elizabeth Balzer, Ph.D.
Elizabeth is the Artist-Owner of Hraben House and 3R Gallery, and she holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook University. She has experience as a ceramics and fabric artist, and she has studied art and photography at various universities. She specializes in digitally-manipulated photographs that are blended to create gateways into imaginal spaces. Click HERE to read more about Elizabeth's art, or click HERE to view her art galleries.

eric balzer portrait photo Eric Balzer
Eric is is the Technical Consultant for 3R Gallery and Hraben House, providing support for the infrastructure and equipment needs of these businesses. Additionally, he is the Business and Marketing Advisor for 3R Gallery.

brandon zsolnay portrait photo Brandon Zsolnay
Brandon is an independent artist who has studied fine art at the University of Georgia. He is the Art Consultant for 3R Gallery and participates in the selection of artwork displayed in the various exhibits. He specializes in ink and multimedia interpretive drawings that explore social issues, sometimes in a humorous way. Much of his art contains adult content relating to sex and violence. His art scrolls depict a stream of consciousness that will BEND YOUR MIND! His art can be seen at 3R Gallery and on this website. Click HERE to read more about Brandon's art, or click HERE to view his art gallery.