3R Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Elizabeth Balzer, Ph.D.
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My artwork honors the psycho-spiritual dimension in our lives.

copyrighted image

Whether depicting the esoteric feeling of the sun’s rays falling upon a barren landscape or the exoteric celebration of the moon’s dark phase, gateways are provided for entering your unconscious and creating new personal realities.

copyrighted image The symbolic representations of the Lion as the creative element of Fire and the Goddess Isis as the giver of the Key of Life offer us tangible entry points into this formless space.

copyrighted image Sophia, the essence of our Wisdom, resides within an inner chamber anticipating an opportunity to join us in our evolution.

It is an egalitarian, animistic world that I present with a timeless spirituality that weaves its way within as well as between each image. My images do have stories to tell, but know that they are your stories. Every artwork that I create remains untitled and incomplete, awaiting your invitation to continue on its journey toward realization with you as the co-creators.

In Peace,
Elizabeth, 2014

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